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Software Engineer

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I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience in Software development. I've worked in companies from 10 to 11,000 employees, by myself or with team of up to 10 persons.
My experiences cover development of web application (J2EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP) both back and front end. Those include requirements specifications, design, prototyping, testing and deployment.
My current job is mainly focused on the maintenance and enhancement of multiple finance services and processes which led to administrate database and servers.

I am creative and always looking to learn in order to produce better tools by using innovative techniques. I believe that studying new materials can only be positive to a company, I consider that failure is only a step forward. That's why I'm also participating in other software projects inside of my company outside of my department.

I currently live in Chicago, IL but I'm looking for a creative mission in a job where I'll share my passion of coding and problem solving with a passionate and joyful team. I've already worked in France and in the USA but I'm willing to discover new horizons.
I am fluent in English and French.

Outside of work I'm always trying new hobbies, last in date: salsa. I also enjoy creating new stuff, it can be a little 2D game or a knitting scarf.

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"Learn by doing.
Theory is nice but nothing replaces actual experience"

Tony Hsieh


06/2016 - Present

Paris, FR

IS Team Leader

IS department

After working on the billing tools during 16 months in the US, the corporate department offered me a position as a team leader on the Arkadin’s headquarter in Paris. I continue my previous job and offer support to our teams worldwide. I know take care of 2 other persons in the team in Paris, and I am responsible for the maintenance and the development of the tools. My main goals now are to handle the different installations, the maintenance, automatize the different manual processes, communicate with the different department worldwide about our applications.
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Communicate to business team
  • Relational Database Management
  • Collect and analyze business needs
  • Write functional specifications for system improvements
  • Coordinate with external developers
  • Ensure business continuity and IS support
  • Manage several projects (new products launch…)
  • Coordinate with different business departments (finance, accounting, customer operations,...);
  • Train users worldwide

10/2014 - 06/2016

Schaumburg, IL USA

IS Specialist

IS department

I followed a quick training in the Paris office before leaving for Schaumburg where no-one of the IS team was. As the first person on-site I had to train the billing team on the tools. I also work closely with almost all teams as I am at the end of the chain, making sure the customers’ bill contains everything. I have to be independant as I work by myself here, I also handle my time and projects to make sure the Billing Team and the Finance Department get their new feature up on time. In the meantime, I'm working with another department of the company on one of their external website. Adding new features and handling the new bugs that could come up.
  • Production Environment Management
  • Relational Database Management
  • Collect and analyze business needs
  • Write functional specifications for system improvements
  • Coordinate with external developers
  • Ensure business continuity and IS support
  • Manage several projects (new products launch…)
  • Coordinate with different business departments (finance, accounting, customer operations,...);
  • Train users from the North America subsidiary
  • Full-stack development for an event website (PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SVN, Bootstrap)

01/2015 - Present

Remote work

Back-end engineer

Start-up launching

At a early stage of this start-up creation, I took care of the backend Administration, using Azure Cloud Services
I also worked closely with the founders to ensure the start-up prosperity
  • Development and administration of an API (.Net MVC)
  • Design and administration of the database (T-SQL)
  • Server administration

06/2014 - 09/2014
Green Alternative

Paris, France

Software engineering internship

Research and development

I worked closely with a young engineer to come up with the first software that would be able to read the data of the green alternative boxes which contain the electricity consumption of the customers. During this work we had to find the best tools and language for the database (google app engine) and the back and front-end (bootstrap, J2EE). The next step was to automate the entry of the information of the customers via an iPad app
  • Realization of an Ipad application to enter building characteristics such as the number and type of computers by floors
  • Creation of an Artificial Intelligence to offer the best solution to reduce the electricity consumption

04/2013 - 07/2013
Dassault Aviation

Paris, France

Internship, Engineering Department

Virtual Reality Department

I integrated the virtual reality department of this famous aircraft company. My mission there was innovative and I was surrounded by passionate engineers who believes virtual reality can improve day-to-day tasks of the mechanical technicians.
  • Realized a state of the art of technologies capable of creating a virtual 3D objects with a deep camera (Kinect), or a colour camera
  • Realized a prototype of a program able to scan an object with a Kinect and create a 3D object in an easy and quick way
  • Integrated to a study group to be able to record the movement of a real person to exploit them in a virtual reality application (Immersive Reality Centre) thanks to two Kinects

"The more successful you are, the more you need to learn and grow"

John Donahue


ECE Paris, Engineering school
2009 - 2014

Paris, France

School website
Master of Science in Engineering
Major in : Information System

The core values of ECE Paris is the excellence, societal commmitment and the greatness of the engineer. By selecting the best suited students, teaching the students the technology but also how to be a good manager, the school forms great engineers. The formation is also composed of a lot of projects and international experiences, making sure the engineer has all the tools to become a great architect of tomorrow.
Main course followed: Database, Java, Csharp, Computer Security, Ergonomics, Web Technologies (HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP), .NET, Software Quality, Management, Agile Method
Activity: Vice-President of Gate'Away. Organisation of 4 days integration trip in the South of France for 800 students.

RMIT University
July-Oct 2013

Melbourne, Australia

School website
Exchange Semester in Information System

Four months spent in the Computer Science department of the RMIT following their post graduate classes.
Main course followed: Iphone Software engineering, Knowledge and Data Wharehousing, Web Development Technology (C# & ASP.NET), Usability Engineering

Concordia University
Sept-Dec 2011

Montreal, Canada

School website
Exchange Semester in Engineering

A semester spent in the Information Systems department of Concordia University.
Main course followed: Programming methodology, Composition and Argumentation for Engineers, Digital System Design, Engineering Management Principles and Economics


Ruby / Rails
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Swift / Obj-C

"I find it best to dive right in and learn the hard way"

Pete Cashmore


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ECE Innov' Award


Library website


Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


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